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Latest News:

Michael Jackson Attends Church Services In LA

Accompanied by his attorney, friends and family

According to, Michael Jackson attended Sunday morning church services today.

Along with his attorney Thomas Mesereau, brother Randy and friend (comedian) Steve Harvey, the King of Pop attended services where fans and community leaders turned up to show their support.

After the services, Michael made his way to the church's Cecil Murray Education Center, where he fielded questions from 30 Sunday school students, according to to the "Offstage" page to see pictures.


Michael Jackson To Attend Court Monday?


Sources say Michael Jackson will be in court Monday for an unusual hearing in which the prosecutor in Jackson's child molestation case will testify.

The singer isn't required to attend, but apparently made a last-minute decision to go. His parents, sisters Janet and LaToya, and brother Jermaine are also expected.

Santa Barbara County District Attorney Tom Sneddon was subpoenaed to testify about surveillance he did at the office of a private investigator working for Jackson's former attorney, Mark Geragos (GEHR'-uh-guhs).

Santa Barbara County sheriff's officials have testified they broke into and searched Bradley Miller's office, seizing videotapes and files. They say they didn't know Miller worked for Geragos.

Jackson's current lawyer wants the material barred from evidence, saying the search violated attorney-client confidentiality.

Source: Associated Press

Michael Jackson House Hunting In Miami?


The following article comes from Roger Friedman:

"Michael Jackson is returning to Miami's South Beach this week with his huge entourage and a running meter on skyrocketing expenses.

He's told friends that he wants to buy a house in Miami and will be starting to hunt for one on this trip. But sellers beware: My sources say that unless Jackson can find a mansion that doesn't require a down payment, he's in no financial shape to pull this project off.

"He just doesn't have the money for this," my sources said.

That doesn't mean Jackson is broke. In fact, he is spending money so rapidly that he still may have no awareness of his situation.

For one thing, he has not returned to live at his Neverland Valley Ranch since it was raided by police last November. The annual cost of running Neverland even with Jackson not present is around $3 million, or $250,000 a month.

Since Jackson left the ranch, he's divided his time between hotels and a rented mansion in Beverly Hills. The mansion cost $700,000 from January to July of this year, but Jackson didn't stay only there. He spends between $4,000 and $5,000 a day that's right, per diem when he's on the road and living in hotels.

"And that's not counting his crazy purchases for shlocky stuff in casino gift shops," the insider observes. Last month, Jackson who prefers hot climes showed up in Houston and went shopping in a mall for no apparent reason.

For the last several weeks Jackson who claimed to be part of the Santa Barbara community after his April indictment for child molestation divided his time between South Beach's Mandarin Oriental and Loews hotels. It's believed he's returning to the former this week.

That's with three kids, a couple of nannies and assorted friends and associates, including brother Randy, who now advises him, and members of the Nation of Islam who guard him.

The best suite at the Mandarin, with ocean and bay views, goes for about $2,500 a night during the summer.

In Miami, Jackson will work on cutting tracks for some kind of album, including leftover songs he did with the Bee Gees' Barry Gibb recorded in January 2003 and a duet with Lenny Kravitz. None of those recordings were included on the Jackson box set, which will be released at the end of this month.

As for the move to Miami: Jackson would do well to live in Florida, a "homestead" state where personal property is exempt from court judgments. But in order to have the money for such a purchase, he would have to sell Neverland. And, despite rumors to the contrary, Jackson has not placed the sprawling estate, zoo and carnival on the real-estate market as of yet."

Source: Roger Friedman / Fox News

Jacko Lawyers: Hand Over Seized Evidence List

Friday, August 06, 2004

SANTA MARIA, Calif. Michael Jackson's (search) attorneys complained in a court filing Thursday that they have not received lists of items seized during searches by authorities in the singer's child molestation and conspiracy case.

The complaint is only the latest from the defense that prosecutors have moved too slowly to share their evidence against Jackson, which they are legally required to provide.

Defense attorney Robert M. Sanger (search) described the defense's complaints in a status report filed under seal last week in anticipation of a hearing that will be held by telephone Friday. Judge Rodney S. Melville ordered the letter unsealed Thursday.

Sanger said the defense has not received copies of several of the approximately 70 search warrants in the case. In addition, he said, the defense still needs nearly 50 affidavits that accompanied the warrants.

The defense also said it had received a list of items seized in only 18 of the searches, adding it had no way of knowing if the information was complete and accurate.

Prosecutors have said in the past they are providing information to the defense as quickly as possible.

VH1 Movie to Tell Michael Jackson StoryThe Associated Press

Updated: 8:30 a.m. ET Aug. 3, 2004

NEW YORK - Going behind the music isn't enough when it comes to Michael Jackson _ an entire film is needed. On Friday, VH1 will debut an original movie on the King of Pop, "Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story," the cable network said Monday.

The film traces the trials and tribulations of Jackson's life from his Motown days to his present legal woes. Flex Alexander, who plays the gloved-one, performed all the dance moves in the movie. Alexander now stars in UPN's "One on One."

Though Jackson still awaits trial, the movie concludes in January of this year when the singer appeared in court to plead innocent to child molestation charges.

The final scene shows Jackson after that plea, when fans clogged the Santa Maria, Calif., streets and cheered him as he hopped on top of a sport utility vehicle and entertained them with a few dance steps.

Source:MSNBC News